Meskhuri Tetri Orange/Amber Wine 2016 – made from wild grapes

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Tetri white (orange/amber) 2016

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This is a very special wine like no other.

Volcanic soil structure and minerals, very rare wild grapes vintage natural wine from Natenadze wine cellar, only 580 bottles.

It was made from almost extinct grape varieties grown at well over 1,000 metres of altitude, painstakingly hand-harvested from wild vines up to 400 years old, the liquid takes on a unique almost mythical stature.

It’s made in a time-honoured fashion, in qvevris with 10 months of skin contact.

The varieties are Akhaltsikhuri tetri, Meskhuri Mtsvane, Udis Tetri, Chitiskvertskha Tetri.

Texturally it’s very light and silky, with scents of wildflowers and green plums.

The flavours are more herbaceous and grassy, a little reminiscent of wild tarragon or sage.

alc 10.4% 750ml


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